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Ahren Warner writes, makes films and takes photographs. Recent books include I'm totally killing your vibes (2022), The sea is spread and cleaved and furled (2020), and Hello. Your promise has been extracted (2017), for which he has received various awards from organisations including The Arts Foundation, Society of Authors, Royal Society of Literature and Poetry Book Society.


He has exhibited photography, moving-image and installation at galleries and institutions, including a recent solo show at TJ Boulting (London), Saatchi Gallery (London), South London Gallery, Centro de Cultura Digital (Mexico City), EUNIC/British Council (Athens) and Great North Museum (Newcastle). 


His practice is conceived as an ongoing process of lyric writing, experimental film and expanded photography, engaged in thinking about the slippages and impasses between affect and logic, globalised networks of capital, people and variant  forms of contemporary illiberalism, all processed through the often contingent documentation of desires, drive and consumption. 


Upcoming projects include a hybrid photobook and novella,  I will pay to make it bigger, to be published by Prototype in 2024.


Stilled Images

(Group, Tube Gallery, Palma de Mallorca, 2023)

I'm totally killing your vibes  

(Bloodaxe, 2022)

We have a space for your every mood 

(Solo, TJ Boulting, London, 2022)

With whom we  mutually communicate? 

(Group, Copeland Gallery x 229 Scribbles, London, 2022)

London Grads Now 21

(Group, Saatchi Gallery, London, 2021)

The sea is spread and cleaved and furled

(Prototype, 2020)

Bloomberg New Contemporaries

(Group, South London Gallery, 2020)

Get out of my star chart

(Group, Nikola Tesla Museum, Zagreb, 2020)

Mas a la poesia

(Screening, Centro de cultura digital, Mexico City, 2018)

Hello. Your promise has been extracted

(Bloodaxe, 2017)

Inside Skin

(Group, Great North Museum, Newcastle, 2016)

EU National Institute of Cultures

(Screening, British Council, Athens, 2016)

Pretty (Bloodaxe, 2013)

Confer (Bloodaxe, 2011)

RE: (Donut, 2010)

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